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In the VE-42 parallel universe 🌌, the end of the world came unexpected 💥 and overnight, almost all humans and cities disappeared. The few human survivors found themselves transformed into babies👶🏻.
In order to survive and find the truth about everything that has happened, the babies who found each other built makeshift cities and pick up weapons to start exploring the new world that has become strange and scary.
"Hey, newfound baby, grab a weapon, we need your help!" ⚔️


Power By

Aragon Governance

Roadmap 1.0


2000 unique babies on Ve-42

No one noticed in advance that the day of disaster had arrived, and the surviving babies on the VE-42 universe were still in sweet dreamland(We will have a limited number of pre-sales for white-listed members, which will then be sold to the general public. Please check out Discord to see how you can get early access).


Land Claiming available for Metatun VNFTs

Your unique Metatun VNFT Baby will spawn in a world where a catastrophic disaster has changed everything. You will be able to explore, discover and rescue other lost Metatuns Baby turning into a Hero. Metatun Babies will be able to claim a Land in the Metaverse, depending on the rarity different properties and benefits will be available.


Explore the Wilderness in search of Adventure

Gather materials to develop your land, investigate the mystery behind the disaster and fight against the ferocious creatures that inhabit the forests. With your pet you will face the unknown, the risk will be great and numerous but those babies brave at heart will also be rewarded on their quests.


More NFT mint and AirDrop (in-game items)

As more town construction, exploration and combat unfold, more useful tools shall emerge...


Metatun DAO

As the town evolves into a city which continues to build and expand, the infants begin to disagree about the distribution of labor and the direction of exploration. To keep things moving in a unified direction, the infants decide to set up a community fund, where they would form a DAO to vote together on major decisions (supported by "Aragon Governance", where the number of Metatun NFTs held by owners shall determine the number of votes).


Display gallery on web

When Metatun Babies finishes building houses in the game, you can access these houses through web browsers. The houses seem to be connected to some weird trading space.


More possibilities for Metatun Worlds

The mad scientist Rick wakes up from coma and manage to invent a portal gun with his limited resources and tools. Bravo! We can now travel to a completely different world in search of the truth, and the never-ending adventure continues (we shall explore the possibilities of creating games in The Sandbox, Decentraland and Meta’s Horizon Worlds – syncing assets across other game worlds and platforms through NFT).


A native Token-economy emerges across the Universe/Multi-Metaverse

With the increase of cities in Metatun Worlds, a new currency system will be born to increase the efficacy of the game economy. Metatun Babies vote in the DAO to adopt specific reward rules – those proved to be brave and willing to take risks shall receive more airdrop tokens.


Roadmap 2.0

With the ongoing development of VR, blockchain technology and ecosystems, more possibilities for the Metatun Universe shall be unravelled in time to come.

The team

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Suphi Kaner
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Marketing & Cooperation
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Support & Mods
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About Metatun Game

Metatun Game is a unique NFT game that starts with a collection of Metatun NFTs on the blockchain and builds a complete game experience with the Roblox game engine (for more instructions on this click on the link). By holding one of these Babies, you can instantly participate in our rich story and fun, rewarding MMO-RPG. We are building this project to benefit long-term holders the most.


A Metatun baby is a complete actionable MMORPG Character NFT, with it you will be able to enjoy the game and generate passive income in the Metatun game. The NFT holder is entitled to future NFT airdrops and rewards from participating in quests and battles. Join our discord now to learn more about them!

We are building a fun and interactive game world around these Metatun babies and early Metatun supporters will enjoy more advantages and rewards in the long run.

At the start, there are 2 ways to get a Metatun NFT: getting whitelisted for the presale or the public mint. We reward those who help build our community with whitelist where they are entitled to mint at a presale price. Everyone else will have the opportunity to own a baby by participating in the public mint. Of course, eventually after the mint, the babies can be bought on a secondary market (TBD).

Mint Details:
• 6 May 2022, UTC 00:00hrs – Tier-1 WL Presale; mint up to 5 Metatuns per wallet at 1050 VET each
• 7 May 2022, UTC 00:00hrs – Tier-2 WL Presale; mint up to 3 Metatuns per wallet at 1190 VET each
• 8 May 2022, UTC 00:00hrs – Public Sale; mint at 1400 VET each

Where is the Mint?

Further details
If Tier-1 WL holders are unable to mint on the first day (6 May), they can still mint on the second day together with Tier-2 WL holders while retaining their allocated quota (i.e 5 Metatuns per wallet), however, they will not be minting at Tier-1 price.

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